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Another day another dollar January 29, 2011

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I really am not a fan of money, or of budgeting but it is sadly a necessity. So recently I was looking through the inter webs to find out what other people spend on a monthly basis for grocery’s. To my amazement most of the people who I found spent MORE yes more than half of our monthly income!! Now I think some of them were “health freaks” and most of them had more kids than I do. But still I was shocked, One family of 3 plus one baby were spending 700+ a month not including any eating out. I felt a little discouraged especially since I was attempting to justify my 100 dollars (MAX) a month budget. Nevertheless I am continuing on with my 100 dollar plan which requires me to actually plan meals and make out a grocery list. The plan starts on the 1st of February and in preparation I went to the store! Funny I know! But I know that meat is the biggest expense that we have and I just so happened to find a target gift card. I figured I had better put it to good use hoping it will save me some money next month. I purchased frozen chicken cut into strips (uncooked), Pork chops, and ground beef. I spent a total of $15.81 (not my best by hey it was a gift card!). Now if I were to freeze this meat as is, I would lose so much of its value. We (my husband and I) can not eat a whole pound of beef by ourselves so when I purchase any meat I package it in easy to use portions. So 2 pounds of ground beef becomes 4 meals, 1.3 pounds of pork becomes 2 meals, and the frozen chicken becomes easily 4 meals. So I spend $15.81 but spread out over 9 meals that’s only $1.75 a MEAL! Just think if I didn’t pre-portion our meat (like most Americans) instead of 9 meals I would maybe get 4! and that’s almost $4 just in meat a meal!

Here’s hoping this helps you be just a bit more conscious of those precious dollars we all work so hard for!


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